Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Return from Loch Coruisk!

I have realised that I haven't put any photos on the blog yet! Sorry about that! Here is a picture of the local boat that runs trips from Elgol to Loch Coruisk sitting at the Elgol pier with a glorious Skye sunset over the Cuillin Hills. The sunset is slightly enhanced as I am trying to learn a bit in experimenting with Photoshop. (You can find a larger version of the photo on under the photo gallery section).

My next door neighbour, Gavin, is thankfully dragging me up Ben Chleat (above our house here in Elgol) quite a bit these days (He needs to drag me to get me started, but once up there it is unbelievable and... indescribable!!) I haven't taken my camera yet (I can barely manage up there myself let alone start taking luggage!!) but I hope to in the next few days - it is a fantastic 360 degree viewpoint (you can actually look down into Loch Coruisk from up there). I will get some photos to post - as much as anything just to prove I made it up there! (and yes, to those who know the area... I do know that Ben Chleat isn't exactly Everest, but then... I'm not exactly Sir Chris Bonington! I had to Google "Britain's most famous climber" and find out that it was Sir Chris Bonington to make that last sentance work!

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