Monday, 17 January 2011

Jan 2011

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since June last year. It's all down to facebook which we keep up to date but apologies to anyone who doesn't use facebook and who was promised an up to date blog!
So far the winter has been very mixed with lots of really cold weather up to the turn of the year with quite a bit of snow which was wonderful for photos.Now it's mostly wet and windy which isn't really much good for anything but means I have no excuse for not catching up on some office work..not my favourite thing.
Work has begun on the Misty Isle in preparation for the upcoming season so there is lots of sanding, scraping and painting to be done over the next few weeks. This is when we appreciate just what a big boat she is, but it's always worth it when we see her back in the water looking really smart and ready for work.
We had the BBC filming late summer and they phoned the other day to tell us that the programme, Country Tracks, is on on Sunday 30th January at 11am on tune in to that for a wee taste of summer.
For more on how Misty is getting on and lots more photos have a look at facebook. You can also post your own favourite Coruisk photos on the Misty Isle page.
Hope you all have a wonderful 2011 and we look forward to seeing everybody in the summer.