Monday, 20 August 2007

Loch Coruisk - Britain's Favourite View??

I hope you caught the TV highlight of the year yesterday?! Loch Coruisk featured on ITV's "Britain's Favourite View"!

It was lovely to see a view like this made accessible to the wider public - and hopefully an encouragement to you all to come and experience Loch Coruisk for yourselves! Also, there were some really nice shots of around Skye generally and of the shore at Elgol where the school is (I think the pupils are all better behaved than I was when I was in the Elgol school ?? years ago!)

We won't know until the finale whether Loch Coruisk received enough votes to get that far, but hopefully it will, giving it the chance to feature once again.

It has also been great to hear from some of you who were passengers on Dad's boat The Misty Isle at various times - some of you saw the program and wrote in to let us know it brought back great memories... it's always great to hear from you!

Sorry - I still haven't got round to posting the photos of the walk from Loch Coruisk back home to Elgol - I am leaving it for a few days to try and get it into a kind of 3 or 4 page structured walk-through rather than just a few random photos (that's the plan anyway!)

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