Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Loch Coruisk Blogs are like buses...

There are no new blogs for ages and then... well, you get the picture!

I was working on Dad's boat, the Misty Isle, doing the trips to Loch Coruisk over Friday and Saturday, and it seemed very eventful for only 2 days!

There were the previously mentioned local kids out with us for their last swim of the boat before the holidays ended, and the also-previously-mentioned BBQ, and then on the Friday morning about 5 minutes after folk had dissembarked for the walk to Loch Coruisk, 2 people appeared to let us know that someone had fractured their ankle up by the Loch. They were ferried over on a different boat but in need of help getting from the Loch to the landing steps. It was such a shame for them - half way through their holiday! But though in a lot of pain, she kept smiling and seemed to feel a little better after the ordeal of being half-carried over the rocks was over with and she was sipping a cup of Dad's strong-as-it-gets tea!

The whole incident reminded me why Dad chose to run a real boat-trip experience - staying over at the landing steps for the time people are ashore - rather than simply a ferry service. It's great to be around should something like this happen (and it happens a few times every year) or in case folk need some shelter during a sudden downpour... or simply if people just want an early cup of tea and a chat about the area.

To the lady with the sore ankle - if you're reading this, I hope it is feeling a little better now! (Actually, I still hope it is better even if you're not reading this! :-)

I'll post about this probably tomorrow, but I took the day off work today and went over to Loch Coruisk with Dad then walked back home from there. It was an amazing day of beautiful weather and I took loads of photos so I plan to share a few here on the blog.

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