Sunday, 12 August 2007

Dolphins near Loch Coruisk

No - not dolphins in Loch Coruisk but dolphins very near Loch Coruisk! (From the news this last week the last fresh-water dolphins have just become extinct!)

On Friday night at the Loch Coruisk barbeque (more in the next blog entry) those present were treated to a little dolphin display with a dolphin coming right in to Loch na Cuilce (the sea loch where boats land passengers to give them access to Loch Coruisk). It was a real treat to see that dolphin and an even bigger treat for me to see them in the same area from the boat the next day. I had been working over the weekend - the first time I have been to Coruisk for about 3 weeks so I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms (!) - and while returning to pcik up a group of 6 ladies from Fife (Hello to you if you're reading!) we were suddenly surrounded by bottle-nose dolphins!

It was great! The only thing that wasn't great about it unfortunately was my skill as a photographer! I have never really used manual focus before and the camera just wasn't focusing so wouldn't take the shot. It was a little frustrating (I guess it was because of the heavy rain and the water getting on the lense but would be keen to hear if that would have affected it) but I managed to get a few shots in focus.

You can see a few more of the dolphin photos and a bigger version of this photo at on the photos section.

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