Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Loch Coruisk - Coming to a TV screen near you!

Loch Coruisk - my favourite view in Britain (or anywhere come to think of it!).

Loch Coruisk - "Britain's favourite view"!!

Could this be true? Well, this month ITV are to air a program called "Britain's Favourite View". Here's how it works: 16 contenders were picked from all over Britain to battle it out for the title of "Britain's Favourite View". Each week, beginning on the 12th of August, 4 of the 16 views will be shown with a celebrity talking about why he or she loves that view. There will be a phone vote (no program is complete without one these days!!) to find the winner of that week. On the fifth and final program, the 4 weekly winners will compete for the ultimate title of "Britain's Favourite View".

Loch Coruisk will feature on August 19th's program. The film crew chartered the local boat 'The Misty Isle' (see link to the right) because they wanted the program to have a 'local' feel and to be able to do a bit of a feature and interview with the skipper, Seumas, who has been running trips to Loch Coruisk for 40 years now. Charles Kennedy went across with the folk at Misty Isle Boat Trips and was interviewed at Loch Coruisk. And guess who got to go along to help out while they were filming? Yeah! I even fell on the rocks with a large film crew standing by! Thankfully they didn't have the cameras rolling or I guess I'd be featured on YouTube and You've Been Framed by now!

Anyway, do watch the program! And... VOTE for Loch Coruisk!! It would be great to see them return to Loch Coruisk for the finale - and even better still to see Loch Coruisk receive its rightful title of "Britain's Favourite View"

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