Monday, 26 April 2010

April 26th 2010

In case you haven't heard yet over £1000 was raised for the RNLI at Donald's party, and in case you hadn't twigged he was actually only (ONLY haha!!) 50. Congratulations Big Dan on both counts.
There haven't been an awful lot of visitors around but that's to be expected from now till about the middle of May. However we did have a lovely day today with a photo shoot for the autumn Boden catalogue. It was a bit windy early on so we just stayed in Slapin and they did the shoot there. They certainly took plenty of photos so hopefully the Misty Isle will appear somewhere in the catalogue. They wanted a dog for the shoot so we offered Eachann but very wisely they opted for Seonaid and Iain's wee Jack Russell Skye instead. They all seemed happy with the days work, in fact so happy they started dancing on the shore. Really nice crew to work with and we hope to get the chance to do it again sometime.
It may be some time till the next blog thing as Stuart is whisking the laptop( or toplap as Seumas calls it) of to laptop casualty as he reckons it doesn't work properly and I know how these things always end up more complicated than you think.
Anyway, it's been nice and thanks for calling by.

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