Friday, 27 July 2007

Doggie Recovery Team!

I managed to convince Jamie to take the weekend off so was out on the boat on Monday. We had a few adventures - not least our doggie recovery!! Try and picture the scene... Imagine if you can the cutest little dog in existence! Now imagine that dog wearing a tiny little life jacket! Now take the picture a step further and imagine there being a handle on the back of his life jacket so he can be carried along! Now that's what I call cute (slightly absurd, but cute!).

We'll call the dog 'Shadow' (real names have been omitted to protect the identity of the dog... actually, I can't remember!!). He had come on board for a brief visit on his way to Loch Coruisk and a few folk were back early for a cup of tea and a rest after their walk. Immediately everyone fell in love with Shadow. They kept joking that they all wanted to keep him.

While we were off the pier briefly to let another boat use the steps Shadow appeared around the steps on his own! The owner shouted to us from his yacht and asked if we could help as Shadow had obviously broken free from the friends who had taken him ashore, and he was a bit worried about him (even with his wee life jacket! A seal could swallow him whole!!). So, when we tied up again to await the return of our passengers, we took on an extra passenger, rescuing Shadow! We delivered her to her owner's yacht.

It was a nice end to the day - the only problem was that I half expected a fight to break out on the Misty Isle - no one wanted to let us give Shadow back and were all keen to take her home!!

Maybe we need to get ourselves a little 'Shadow' for a boat mascott!! Any ideas?

PS - if anyone reading this was on the boat and has a picture of Shadow, I'd love to hear from you as I had forgotten the camera on Monday!!

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