Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Winter in Elgol

Iam new to this so please bear with me.I was sitting here watching the latest blizzard hiding my view of Garsbhein when it occurred to me that the new season starts at the end of next can tell I am a glass half full type! Anyway, I just thought it would be nice for people who only get to see our beautiful island in the summer to get a glimpse of what it looks like in winter so I will attempt to post some pictures to give you a taste.
If this actually works I will be back.
I know it is a bit late but Happy New Year to everyone and we look forward to seeing all our old friends and lots of new ones after the 1st April.
All the best.


Dick Edie said...

Stunning shots.

SSH said...

Wow, great pictures! Hope its not too cold there.

Roderick said...

Wow...these really make me miss Skye.
Love the picture of the family group...I see your wee dog is growing fast!Won't be long before I'm back.
Best wishes to everyone.