Friday, 19 February 2010

A Taste of Summer!

It worked OK last time so I am back.
We had loads of dolphin sightings last year on Misty Isle Boat Trips and I tried to upload a short video. It didn't work very well so I have found some nice photos taken from Misty Isle by ourselves and some of our passengers who kindly sent us their pics. It doesn't matter how often we see the dolphins it is always a great thrill and we are really looking forward to having them back this year.
It's just over a month to the start of the season but at the moment we have snow on the ground. Maybe since we have had the coldest winter on record we will also have the warmest summer!! Here's hoping.
I have been given a couple of dates for "What's On" in the village:
Friday 16th April....Dance to 'Peat Cutters' in aid of Mallaig Lifeboat. 8pm onwards with donations collected at the door.
Saturday 19th June...Elgol Gala Day.
Boat Race, Bouncy Castles,Crofters Olympics(always great fun!) Baking, BBQ,Stalls etc and a dance at night.I will post more details nearer the time.
August 7th...ANDURIL..."Up and coming German Celtic Rock Band inspired by RunRig."
That's all just now.
Keep warm.
A big thanks to Bob MacMillan of and Stuart for the great dolphin shots.


Coastcard said...

The dolphins are so beautiful. Would love to see a dolphin in Loch Scavaig!

Anne said...

We saw them from the Misty Isle every day on every trip for almost a whole month last year. It was wonderful and hopefully they'll be back again this year. We are even lucky enough to see them from our house sometimes! All these pictures were taken on Loch Scavaig but we have even seen them in at Loch na Cuilce!!

Dick Edie said...

Have you looked at Google Maps, street view. Stuart is very clearly visible standing in kiosk at Elgol.

Anne said...

We saw the google maps pic. really strange somehow. Stuart looks busy as usual.

Anne said...
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