Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Welcome to the Newly Relaunched Loch Coruisk Blog!

Welcome to the Loch Coruisk Blog! This blog has been around for a year or 2 but without much continuity... You will (hopefully) be pleased to hear that all that is set to change! The main changes are as follows:

1. New contributors are being added as we speak! So there will be a wider variety of content coming up from people involved in various different aspects of life and work around the areas of Elgol, Loch Coruisk and further afield on the Isle of Skye.

2. I have bought a wee pocket video camera! I am going to try and take little video clips whenever I can and ocassionaly compile them into little videos like the one I have just posted... Once I get my wee tripod throught the post and some better video editing software hopefully they will improve in quality!!

3. I am going to try (with the help of climbing friends) to put photos and video up from all over the Cuillin Hills, and to show you some of the views you will already be familiar with from different perspectives and in all seasons and weathers.

4. The biggest change is simply that I am committing myself (with the help of other contributors!) to keeping this blog going and up-to-date... and ever-expanding in scope, interest and content.



Ready Writers Swansea said...

I wish you all the best in this venture. You have - in my opinion - one of THE most desired spots in the world to blog about!

Stuart Mackinnon said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Ready Writers! And I totally agree about having such an amazing place to blog about - How could I NOT blog!

Anne said...
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