Friday, 8 May 2009

Loch Coruisk Rescue Mission!

What a day we had a couploe of weeks ago! The crew of the Misty Isle were involved in 3 separate rescues while we were over at Loch Coruisk - all of them thankfully were less severe than they first appeared!

But the most intense of the rescues involved Little Boy Clue! In case you haven't met him yet, Little Boy Blue is a very special teddy bear - he came to Calum on his first day in hospital at the start of the year and has never left his side for more than about 2 minutes since!!

As you will see from the tiny video clip here, Calum and I were up a hill on that day playing at a cave (ie. a tiny crack in the rock above the Loch Coruisk Memorial Hut!) Later that day, as I was preparing some hot chocolates and we were about to leave to sail back to Elgol, we realised that someone hadn't boarded yet - Little Boy Blue!! And it turned out he had been abandoned right at the back of that cave!!

Anyway, before your heart races too much more with the drama and suspense of it all, let me reassure you that Little Boy Blue was rescued (Glenda was onboard and sprinted up the hill to fetch him). So Calum was able to sleep sound at night, teddy bear cossily cuddled into him after his ordeal.

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blacksaabless said...

How is the lot?
I like that cave,you should name it "Misty cave".

From Seumas.